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India's first Tinkering Lab for young minds
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What is Science Ashram?

Science Ashram is a Tinkering lab where kids can build projects and innovate with the materials and tools available at the lab. Students from classes 5 to 12 can access 1500 items of inventory and use tools ranging from simple cutters, hand saw to 3D printers & Arduino boards.

Why Tinkering?

Students have a lot of pent up energy. Tinkering helps channelize this energy into more creative scientific explorations. Tinkering and making experiences support fundamental S.T.E.M. thinking and learning

Benefits of tinkering

  1. Problem-Solving ability
  2. Creative thinking
  3. Motor skills
Behavioural changes
  1. More confident
  2. More focused and proactive
  3. Openness to learn and explore
  4. Ability to deal with failures

What we do

Maker Class

Maker Class is a structured program where children are provided with a real-world problem and asked to define the solution, design the same and engineer a prototype. We follow a universal problem-solving framework and facilitate the kids to solve the problems. It is a self-paced learning environment.


Workshops are typically 1-2 day program where students are introduced to new tools and materials. Students also learn the concepts and mechanisms behind building


Events are designed to explore tinkering and making activities that blend science and art explorations. Events are fun, engaging sessions where students work in collaboration

Makers Day Out

It’s an open event where kids explore making around them. This includes the factories, industries, technical centres (ISRO & HAL) to understand that making is not limited to the Tinkering lab

Makers Retreat

Makers Retreat is 4-5- day activity where children indulge in tinkering in nature. They pick up life skills such as farming & livestock rearing, cooking, pottery etc.,