National Science Day organized by Sohani at Science Ashram - Science Ashram

National Science Day organized by Sohani at Science Ashram

Sohani, a student of Science Ashram hosted an event to celebrate ‘National Science Day’ at our Tinkering Lab. Her increasing passion for science in the last two years at Science Ashram motivated her to take this initiative of inviting her friends and school teachers to celebrate this event.

Sohani began the programme with a presentation on the importance of Science in our daily life followed by a quiz on Indian Scientists and their great contribution to the world. She enlightened the audience that National Science Day is celebrated to mark the discovery of Raman Effect on 28, February 1928 by Sir C.V. Raman.

She took her guests on a tour of her journey at Science Ashram through a series of games and challenges. The participants experienced the joy of learning science through these challenges. She explained the underlying principles of these games while rewarding the winners.





We congratulate Sohani and wish to see her blossom into an Eminent Woman Scientist in the future.

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