Frequently Asked Questions

What is Science Ashram?

Science Ashram is India’s First tinkering Lab that promotes real world skills in children through Maker Class program.


What is the age group for enrolment?

Science Ashram program is designed for children between the age 10 and 18 years.


What is the structure of the program?

The Maker Class program comprises a set of projects to build with the help of instructional manuals.


What is the duration of the program and timing for the class?

The program is available both online and offline.


Offline Program:

Offline program is offered for children in the age group 10 and 11(Class 5and 6). Classes are held at our Tinkering Lab. Classes are conducted on weekdays (except on Mondays) after school hours (5-7pm) and on weekends (11am-1pm, 2.30-4.30pm and 5-7pm). Each session is of 2 hours duration.



Online Program:

Online program is offered for children in the age group 12 and 13 (Class 7and 8). Once students subscribe to the program, a kit with raw materials and tools will be sent to the students. Students login from their homes to access the instructional manual and build the projects.

The program is based on a subscription model. Once enrolled, the student gets a tool kit. The kit comprises the raw materials, appropriate tools and an instructional manual. Every week, a project is shipped to the student. The projects are module based.

Example module

Module: Levers


What are levers: A video followed by an activity

Classes of levers:

Uses and application of levers:


Class 1 levers: Balance

Class 2 levers: Cross bow

Class 3 levers: Catapult


How is Science Ashram different from other practical training centres?

Science Ashram is not a kit manufacturing company. At Science Ashram students are encouraged to build projects from scratch with the resource content provided to them in the form of instructional manuals.


How do I enrol my child for Maker class program?

Online and offline options are available for enrolment.


Do I need an appointment to visit Science Ashram?

No, you don’t. You may visit Science Ashram between 11am-7pm everyday (except Monday).


Do you offer transport facility to students?

Science Ashram will help in pooling the students of a locality and connect them all to a driver for transport.

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